About Us

About Us – The Low on Ink Team

Low on Ink is a 100% Australian owned and operated business, run by a dedicated team of customer focused individuals with all product stocked and shipped from our Sydney operation. The owners have a background in wholesale warehousing, import and distribution and a true passion for serving our clients’ needs and ensuring the product you receive is of the highest quality.

With a family of 5, including 3 school age kids, we often had the yelling match with the kids that goes something like this:

Kid 1: “Dad, can I print this new document I put together with fairies and rainbows? It’s so pretty and I want to show my friends”

Dad: “NO WAY! Do you know how much ink cartridges cost?

Kid 2: “Mum, can I print the artwork I did at school on the computer?”

Mum: “Are you kidding? It’s too expensive to do full colour print jobs. You can print in greyscale if you like but not full colour.”

Kid 2: “Gee thanks Mum. Nothing beats black and white greyscale printing to really bring out the colours in my artwork.”

Kid 3: “Dad, check out the photo of me with my friends from the Dance Studio. Do you mind if I print it off so I’ve got a paper copy?”

Dad: “Sure, why don’t I just take out a 2nd mortgage on the house so we can afford all the print jobs you girls want to do? This is crazy.”

Unfortunately these conversations can only go on so long before the persistent kids get their way or hit the print button while you’re not looking. Plus, a lot of the stuff the kids are looking to print is really important to them and of course kids can get quite upset when they can’t print their favourite images.

So realising that we’ve got 12 years of school with 3 girls, countless assignments, projects and not to mention running our own business, we knew we had to do something about lower priced ink cartridges.

So we spoke to friends of ours who are the Ink & Toner specialists and run one of the largest ink & toner cartridge businesses in New Zealand if they had any ideas. As it turns out, they did and the seeds for Low on Ink were born.

Fortunately, we were able to piggy back off the years of experience our friends ‘across the ditch’ had with finding the best quality printer cartridges at an affordable price.

We figured if we were having ridiculous arguments with the kids about why they couldn’t print anything in colour, then surely other families were in the same situation, and we wanted to fix it.

As a result, Low on Ink was born and we have become very serious about getting the best quality ink cartridges at the right price to families all around Australia, so kid 1 to kid 10 can print off their documents, take them to school and impress their friends with no more nagging arguments over how much it costs to print.

So who are the people behind Low on Ink Australia?

Nicky is the brains and brawn behind the operation, having worked in one of the largest Crystal Wholesaling Warehouses in Australia, stocking over $1 million worth of merchandise plus taking care of their natural health products business and ensuring all orders and tracked and shipped to the rightful owner both here in Australia and overseas. Nicky was able to implement best practise guidelines for the business and create the systems that enabled the business to work efficiently with or without her there.

Ashley is the sales, marketing and web guy who will leave no stone unturned to ensure clients have a smooth web experience between finding their preferred cartridges to hitting the checkout and receiving their product. Communication and feedback are what we strive for and Ashley is all ears when it comes to hearing any of your thoughts or ideas on how we can continue to improve our systems and procedures to give you the best possible experience.